Smiles in the Mountains at Bueno Vista

Visitors from Texas with True Path Ministry and volunteers Iglesia Getsemani woke up in the early morning hours of January 1, 2020 for a long journey on a rainey day. We prayed together for safe trip and that Christ would be honored. The three hour ride to Bueno Vista was lengthy, but bearable because the Lord gave us spectacular mountain views to enjoy as we drove up to the tiny village. Someone made the comment that it looks like we’re in Jurassic park.

It was an exciting experience for everyone. In the village the people were very welcoming, the pastor and his wife greeted us with open arms. The service soon began as Lulu played music and the benches filled with worshipers. The language barrier fadded away as everyone worshiped the Lord in the same spirit.

Ramiro preached a powerful sermon at the adult service and many came forward to recieve healing prayers. Galeana residents Maria and Jose taught the children a story and engaged them with music and a craft. Many of the Texas visitors joined in. We had packed gifts for the children that we began to hand out. Faces brightened immediately as the kids received their boxes full of simple toys and usable items.

Once the church service was completed the adults picked throught clothes, shoes and blankets for there families we had layed on the floor. The church fed us a hardy meal they had prepared for us. Which was a delightful new experience.

It was a long drive back as darkness and rain made the way challenging. Making it home was a huge blessing to each of us, we were content knowing we had a hand in sharring the gospel of Jesus. We learned how others live who have far less than us, yet they are grateful for everything they have. I hope to experience more lifetime blessings like this and be able to come back to Mexico. God bless.

Guest Written by Faith Loveless Jan 1,2020

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