TPM Takes the Gospel to Kids in Santa Rosa

A Christian team from the Iglesia Getsemani Church and True Path Ministry (TPM) held a special kid’s day on September 24th in Santa Rosa, NL, Mexico. It is a small remote village in a pecan tree covered canyon between towering mountains. Traveling with TPM missionaries Stephen and Tonyia Williams was Hope Loveless from Texas, who is on her third short-term mission trip to the area.

It was a day dedicated to teaching the children the love of Christ through prayer, songs, games, a Bible lesson and a gift. About 25 local kid’s enjoyed the event. Each one learned and recited a Bible verse; “The Lord is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?” Psalms 118:6.

It was the first time the team had traveled to the village. Isabel, a local teacher related to pastor Celestino and wife Anastasia, spoke good English and helped the Texans communicate better.

Travel was challenging with the addition of heavy rain during sections of the intense unpaved mountain road as we returned to Galeana. But it was well worth the effort to serve the Lord with our Christian friends in Santa Rosa.

For whatever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through the patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have hope. Romans 15:4 (NKJV).

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Weekly Marcos 10:14 Kids Club Continues to Engage Children

On Thursday of each week the True Path Ministry sponsored Marcos 10:14 Kids Club draws about 40 children to meet. They learn about our Christian faith through Bible stories, craft projects and engaging interaction with each other. Teacher Ana and a group of youth from the Iglesia Getsemani church in Galeana, NL, Mexico use special materials provided to keep the kids engaged. A number of adult volunteers fix a light meal, prepare the meeting area and clean up after the meetings.

“Forgive, and you will be forgiven,” (Luke 6:37) is one of the verses many of the children memorized at the most recent meeting. Two people in large animal costumes acted out how forgiveness is a blessing. The children who attend are often pulled in to act out Biblical concepts themselves.

The craft project emphasizes the lesson encouraging them to dig deeper into their faith. In a previous study the kids made a multicolored bracelet while learning the meaning of each color. We are seeing many of the kids grow in their Christian faith and knowledge.

Thank you prayer and financial supporters. What you give makes it possible for TPM to keep this valuable program going.

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Christmas for Mexico: School Supply Backpacks and Toy

July 26, 2022

In the past, True Path Ministry Inc. gave hundreds of Christmas gift boxes to the children in the Galeana, NL, Mexico area. This year we will give a backpack, school supplies and one toy to each child. I know it seems a little early to talk about Christmas, but TPM needs help from our church and individual supporters. Plus, this is the best time to buy school supplies as tax-free weekend, in Texas is Friday Aug. 5 through Sunday Aug. 7.

Our partners in Mexico have worked with us to develop a list of supplies that best fits those needed in Mexican schools. We prefer givers follow the example we show for the supplies and backpack.

Total cost is about $22-26.00 for each backpack with supplies and gift. Items list (below list are photos and here are links to printable PDF files for Walmart and Dollar Tree with prices):

1.  15” Backpack (girl or boy color and other items to match gender color selected)

2.     Spiral notebook

3.     Composition notebook

4.     Coloring book

5.     200 sheet notebook paper

6.     Scissors (2 pack)

7.     Colored pencils (10 pack)

8.     Glue stick (2)

9.     #2 Pencils (16 pack)

10.  Erasers (end of pencil type 10)

11.  Pencil sharpeners (2)

12.  Crayons (16 pack)

13.  Ink click pens (2)

14.  Hand sanitizer / holder-comes together (1 small)

15.  Kleenex tissue (1 small pack)

16.  Binder pouch (1 plastic with zipper, can place small items inside)

17.  Toothbrush kit (brush and paste combo pack)

18. Ruler (must have metric-this is what is used in Mx)  

19.  Toy (Boys soccer ball, girl nail polish kit)

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. – Ephesians 2:10

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VBS Success: Thank You Supporters

by Stephen Williams, TPM president and missionary

The True Path Ministry “Take VBS to Remote Villages” in Mexico was a huge success. First I want to thank God for allowing us to serve him in this way. Plus, we want the churches and individuals who support TPM to know how much we appreciate you. You were as much a part of this effort as those who physically traveled with us.

We also are grateful for the seven folks from various areas of Texas and friends in Mexico who worked so hard with us to bring the love of Christ to children in the villages. Pastors Reynaldo, Lulu and teacher Ana especially deserve kudos. There were several Christian Galeana youth and adults who were so faithful to work with us, they were a vital parts of the team too, thank you.

We had a number of village kids give themselves to a life lead by Christ during this event, that makes all our work worth it. For all of those children who attended this was a memorable time like none they had ever experienced. The memory of their smiles, songs, laughter and energy will linger in me a long time, providing a special kind of joy.

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need, ” was our guiding verse for VBS (Matthew 6:33 NLT). There are loads of photos and articles about each place we visited in the news section of our website

Here are a few highlights from the trip (click on a photo to see it larger).

VBS in Refugio

Guest written by Stephen and Tonyia’s niece, Jeanette (07/20/2022)

Our day started early with the team from Iglesia Getsemani and the members of True Path Ministry driving over 2 hours deep into the mountains.  Our destination was the tiny village of Refugio. 

The drive to Refugio is always jaw-droppingly beautiful.  The pictures that we take of the views and the drop offs don’t do it justice.  There is simply no way to show the depth and width of the mountains in pictures and getting to the village is part of the adventure.  We arrived around 11am at the home of Pastor Seldonia and his wife Elsa.  Elsa had prepared a wonderful lunch for us of picadillo, rice, and beans.  After eating, we proceeded 20 minutes deeper into the mountains to the next grouping of houses.  As Pastor Seldonia explained, this was where we were going to do our program for the kids.  It was much closer than Pastor Seldonia’s house for all the families that walk over the mountains to attend.

We discovered that the local government had recently built a new pavilion there that would provide shade for our program.  We immediately set up and begin to sing and dance with the kids. They loved the songs, the craft, the program about having Jesus in your heart, and learning the scripture Matthew 6:33.  We had one young girl who accepted Christ today!

We also played a team game of “passing” a cup full of water (with holes in the bottom of the cup) down a line and back.  The team who has the most water in the bucket at the end of the line wins.  The kids also hunted eggs that contained the words in Matthew 6:33 and had to put them into the correct order. The team that did this the fastest won.

After all this was over, we fed the kids and adults a sandwich, chips, drink, and of course handed out a toy and candy.  Everyone had a wonderful time!  This was a day full of God’s blessings and beauty.  I cannot suggest enough that everyone should try to come down here and experience this gift.  The children are so full of wonder and love and the adults are both welcoming and loving.  I cannot count the number of times I have been here, and this never gets old and never ceases to fill my soul with joy.  I urge you to come and experience it too.  Until next time, Dios te bendiga/God bless you.

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