New Murals and Signs at Galeana Church Building

True Path Ministry Inc. (TPM) and the Iglesia Getsemani Church in Galeana, NL, Mexico are close partners in sharing the love of Christ. Thanks to blessings from the Lord and faithful supporters we have been steadily improving and adding to the buildings where the church meets. New signage on the worship center, wall by the church entrance and murals in the Marcos 10:14 Kids Club area are the latest improvements. Our goal was to create an inviting space for the youth and children to meet. Plus, the large sign at the church road entrance and on the front of the church building is visible from a long distance.

The scripture on the sign by the road, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest, ” said Jesus in Matthew 11:28.

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Help Needed: TPM Involved in Three Big Construction Projects

True Path Ministry (TPM) and the Iglesia Getsemani Church in Galeana, NL, Mexico are close partners sharing the love of Christ. They have taken on three big construction projects in addition to ongoing monthly initiatives, such as the Marcos 10:14 Kids Club and church responsibilities. We ask for your prayers and if the Lord is leading you to donate, a check can be mailed to: 1420 Mosley Rd, Ennis Tx 75119 or by going to the “Support” page on our website and push the donate button.

The three biggest construction projects are:

1) constructing a new church building in the desert village Hidiondilla;

2) constructing a new church building in the mountain village Purisima; and

3) adding a bathroom and kitchen area to the home of a single mom raising three children in Galeana.

In Hidiondilla, the Centro Cristiano Maranatha church, lead by Pastor Carlos and wife Jenny, is a young and growing church. It is in a small desert community near large scale tomato farms. When complete the new building will be 1,800+ square foot and will replace a small existing structure made from scrap materials. Construction has gone well; the walls are up and it is time to pour the concrete for the floor. The metal roof, windows, doors, wiring and plumbing will come after the floor is complete. Many from the church contribute their labor to this project. (see related: Good Construction Progress in Hindiondilla ; A New Church in Hidiondilla, NL, Mexico).

In Purisima, the existing tiny church building is in disrepair, is on borrowed property and is too small. The long-term pastor Lebardo recently passed away and his final wish was that a new permanent building be constructed. Iglesia Getsemani, Pastors Reynaldo and Lourdes, go there to preach monthly and a member of Lebardo’s family plans to move there as the full-time minister. The church has a clear land title where the new structure will be located. The small, remote mountain community is excited about a new building. The footings for the wall area have been started, but we are praying for more funding to complete the 1,400 square foot place of worship (see relate: Presents in Purisima)

 In Galeana, construction is underway to build a kitchen and bathroom for a single mom who is raising three children on her own. This mother is very involved with TPM and Iglesia Getsemani. She recently acquired a tiny unfinished concrete structure and lives there without the many conveniences we often take for granted. The team has already rebuilt much of the roof area and completed electrical wiring. The wall area and new roof over the additional space have been roughed in. But stucco, plumbing and additional wiring are needed to complete the project.

TPM and Iglesia Getsemani are grateful for the ongoing assistance from individual and church supporters. It keeps us serving Christ in the way He leads us, in this part of Mexico. With you, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we have accomplished much over the past few years. We are honored to continue working with our brothers and sisters in Mexico to Glorify Jesus! But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33 (ESV)

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Hidiondilla Church

Purisima Church

Galeana House

Marcus 10:14 Club Celebrates Mother’s Day

The True Path Ministry and Iglesia Getsemani church team welcome all children to the Kids Club meetings, held every Thursday. Each week, teacher Anna and faithful volunteers lead and encourage the kids how to live out their Christian faith.

This Thursday, May 4, study included part of Leviticus 19 that says, “Each of you must respect your mother and father…”. Emphasis during the teaching was on mothers, Mother’s Day in Mexico is on Tuesday, May 10th. The craft for this club was to decorate a small metal planter bucket with jewels, flowers, and the scripture verse. Included in each bucket was also a packet of flower seeds. The bucket and seeds were to be taken home to their mother.

Each week the kids have a time of prayer, play games, are taught a new Bible study lesson/ scripture verse and are fed a light meal.  “It is rewarding to see the children return to Kids Club and an honor to share the gospel in this way,” said missionary Tonyia. “We are grateful for the supporters from the US and the faithful volunteers in Mexico who serve as the hands of feet of Jesus.”

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70 Came to Hear About Jesus’ Love at Weekly Marcos 10:14 Kids Club Meeting

The True Path Ministry and Iglesia Getsemani church team demonstrated the love of Christ to 70 kids on Thursday evening, April 21st, in Galeana, NL, Mexico. It was the first normal weekly Marcos 10:14 Kids Club meeting after an introductory fiesta the week before (see Teacher Anna along with teenage and adult volunteers lead the enthusiastic children in a time of prayer, singing, study, crafting and a light meal. The weekly club meeting program was on pause for two years due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

“We trusted the Lord would bring the children back and He delivered,” said an adult leader. “Based on our past experience we planned on about 40 kids, but we were joyfully surprised to host an even larger group.” The Marcos 10:14 Kids Club meetings will become a weekly fixture in the area. It is the only Christian education initiative of its kind in the Galeana region. There is a faithful group behind the scenes who prepare the lessons, assemble materials for the craft, plan and prepare the meals, keep the club area clean, drive the van and the many other details required. All activities center on Jesus and sharing His message and love.

“Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God,” said Jesus (Mark 10:14)

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A Change of Perspective

Note: Guest written by first time visitor Phillip Langer from Ennis, Texas. He was part of a Christian team from True Path Ministry and Iglesia Getsemani visiting Canoas on April 14th, a tiny mountain village.

In 1974 Mac Davis had a top 10 hit titled “Stop and Smell the Roses.” Last year I walked away from my job to do just that. I had no idea the roses would be in the small village of Canoas, NL, Mexico.

To be truthful there was not much there, and it was a step back in time. It is difficult to describe comparing to what I am blessed with. Their houses had dirt floors, food cooked on an open fire handmade stove, donkeys and horses used as transportation. For them it is a daily struggle to find how the next meal was going to make it to the table. Water has to be carried for miles because of where the closest water source is and severe drought has parched the land bare.  No comforts of any kind that could be identified. It seemed to be a miserable place to exist.

But we were welcomed with open arms and a feast of food that was fit for someone of honor. My neighbors do not have time to say hello back home. The view of the mountains was nothing short of beautiful. Back home that view is available if it can be afforded.

We had an opportunity to pray for a woman with cancer who looked to not have many days left and the sadness of her condition filled the room. It’s probably the first time a group of strangers prayed for her and presented hope in Jesus Christ.

Back home laying on of hands and prayer for healing has little emphasis and is taken for granted. As clothes were presented and gifts to the children, the joy on their faces cannot be described in words that I am able to convey.

Life will be different for me in the future. This trip helped me put things in perspective and gives me a better understanding of Gods love for us even when we do not deserve it. I am so thankful to True Path Ministry for the opportunity to be involved and be a blessing to others. I’m looking forward to coming back soon.

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