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Pastor Selodonio’s Answered Prayer

We asked Pastor Selodonio what his greatest need was, for what are you praying? True Path Ministry (TPM) was in his village that is tucked away deep in the mountains on December 31st (see Gospel, Gifts and Fellowship in Refugio). His reply, “a different vehicle, one that is reliable, that does not produce fumes in […]

Sweet Worship in San Pablo

It was a cool morning as True Path Ministry and members of Getsemani Iglesia, Galeana NL traveled to the small arid village, San Pablo on January 2, 2021. A time of worship led by Lourdes and a vibrant sermon preached by Evangelist Ramiro was received with grateful hearts. The children had their separate service outdoors. […]

A Good Start to a New Year Began in Canoas

True Path Ministry and others from the Getsemani Iglesia church in Galeana NL traveled to the remove village of Canoas on January 1, 2021. It has been months since anyone has been to visit and the people were beyond excited to welcome us. It was a cool morning with some wind but that did not […]

Gospel, Gifts and Fellowship in Refugio

A group traveling with True Path Ministry on December 31st took the gospel, gifts and the joy of Christian fellowship to Refugio, NL, Mexico, an extremely remote mountain village. Normally it is a rough couple of hours to drive clinging to the edge of mountains on challenging dirt roads. But on this day we encountered […]

Gratitude in Palmito

True Path Ministry Inc. (TPM) took the gospel on the road to Palmito, NL, Mexico to bless the tiny mountain village with the love of Christ. Evangelist Ramiro preached the Word with zeal, gifts were given and these humble people were so very thankful for their first worship service in almost a year. The joy […]