God’s Favor in Crossing from the Border to the Mountains

Guest written by Jeanette and Lori Lewis (Steve and Tonyia’s niece/great niece)

Our adventure started early Friday morning in McAllen, Texas.  Uncle Stephen, Aunt Tonyia, my daughter Lori, and I took a trailer full of donations to the border.  Here we witnessed another manifestation of how prayer reaches the hearts of everyone around us.

We cannot thank everyone enough for your prayers for safe and successful passage.  Our border official was a very pleasant lady who understood our broken Spanish and had compassion for our travels in the rain.  We made it across with minimal import tax and did not have to open or even remove the rain-proof plastic from our packages.  Praise God!

We made it safely home to Galeana and immediately began our preparations for our first “Rancho” visit today (Saturday).  Today dawned clear and bright for our trip to the village of Canoes.

The True Path Ministry Suburban climbed for about two hours up into the mountains to the tiny village.  We were accompanied by Pastors Rey and Ramiro, LuLu (Rey’s wife), Sandra, Mari and their families.  Pastor Ramiro delivered an excellent sermon on having an “attitude of gratitude” and praising God for all things, no matter how small.

LuLu, Sandra, and Mari led the congregation in joyous songs.  LuLu also treated the children to their own special worship and singing service just outside the church.

After the service was over, we gave gifts of toys, candy, and grooming supplies to the children.  We also had five giant totes full of clothing for children and adults that we made available.  The village was truly thankful for all the gifts and clothing.

We cannot thank all of you enough for all the donations of clothing, toys, home goods, personal care items and money.  Until tomorrow, “Dios de Bendiga”, God Bless You.

Jeanette Lewis (left), daughter Lori, Tonyia and Stephen traveled from Texas to Mexico with this trailer load of gifts. (click on a photo to see it larger)

The kids at Canoes were overjoyed to get the gifts bag with toys and personal care items.

Bubbles are a popular gift item in remote villages.

Several people came along to help give out the gifts and minister to the people of Canoes.

The adults enjoyed getting some of the clothes we brought along.

The children had a special worship service outside while the adults were in the church building.

Lulu played the guitar while the kids sang.

Everyone was together for the song service in the church building.

Evangelist Ramiro preached about gratitude.

Pastor Reynaldo was also part of the service.

The pastor fed beans and rice to the visitors.

There was a good group that made the two hour trip from Galeana.

Lori has a passion for art and she sketched the little wooden church building in Canoes.