Christ Chapel Involved in the Spread of the Gospel in Mexico

About 40 people showed up on a Wednesday night (July 27th) at Christ Chapel to hear from True Path Ministry and how God is using this ministry to spread the gospel in the Galeana, Nuevo Leon area of Mexico. Stephen and Tonyia, the founders of the organization, have had connections with Christ Chapel for many years. “We are so very thankful to have this Bandera church support the work of True Path Ministry,” said Tonyia.

Over 30 people were at Christ Chapel in Bandera, Texas to hear about the Gospel in Mexico.

Over 30 people were at Christ Chapel in Bandera, Texas to hear about the Gospel in Mexico.

Stephen prepared and shared 36 power point slides and lots of stories about their experiences as new missionaries in the foreign country. The ministry has three primary focuses: the Marcos 10:14 kids club; assisting with Nuevo Corazon Galeana (New Heart) ministry -the elderly feeding program; and the Gospel on the Move, which takes the love of Jesus to remote, under served areas of Mexico.

They also shared stories about the wonderful Christians with whom they work in Mexico such as Martin, Ana, Pastor Francisco, Estella, Juan, Sandra, Pastor Reynaldo, Pastor Jose, Pastor Israel, Evangelist Ramiro, Evangelist Mesa, Pastor Hernandez and others.

The church enjoyed hearing how the effect of the hugs at the first Marcos 10:14 club meeting wasn’t only powerful for the kids but meant a lot to the “Huggers”-Stephen, Tonyia, Martin and Pastor Jose’s wife, Pera.  The church also listened intently when I spoke about the impact of visiting an elderly woman who had not seen anyone for months .

“I also told about the joy the True Path Ministry team receives from going to the remote tiny villages and how the people are so hungry for the word. They are so excited to have us come, hear the word and worship with them,” said Stephen.

There were numerous questions from the curious and involved audience. It was a fun night discussing the work of our Lord!

Pastor David closed the service with the congregation surrounding Tonyia and I. They laid hands on us and prayed blessings for the glory of God through our continued work in Mexico. What a beautiful time with Jesus! We are so honored and humbled!!

Please continue to pray for the True Path Ministry team that we will keep our eyes focused on Jesus that He may be glorified. If you would also like to contribute financially visit our “support” page at this website.