What is on my Heart…A Goodbye Post

Guest written by Jeanette and Lori Lewis (Steve and Tonyia’s niece/great niece).

These days have passed in a daze of both work and joy.  The love of the people here has filled my heart.  The people

Lori Lewis expressed her gratitude for the loving reception we received.

of Galeana and the surrounding villages live a life of simplicity.  Even though they lack many of the modern conveniences we enjoy, they are happy.  Somehow this life of subsistence seems to support a more peaceful state of mind with fewer interruptions when focusing on Christ.

So many here do not have running water or electricity, yet they faithfully read their Santa Biblia/Holy Bible every day.  Life runs at a different pace here.  There is never any hurry or “rush, rush, rush” to get things done.  This might frustrate some people, but I find it refreshing.  You might also find it amazing that it doesn’t bother me having to use an outhouse.  True, I grew up in the country and a bush is just as good, but an outhouse is all you will find when out in the remote villages.  It has also been very cold here and there is no heat.  Only those who are very wealthy can afford a propane heater (believe me they cost $3,000 pesos, and that is several months’ worth of income).  This is the reality of living in Mexico.  However, like I said earlier, whatever these people lack in convenience they more than make up for in love and acceptance.

I would also like to mention that everyone asks me about safety when I’m down here.  True, you will frequently see armed guards driving around.  These men and women are here for our protection.  I have now spent more than two full weeks helping True Path Ministry and have never once felt threatened or afraid.  Mainstream media tends to make all of Mexico seem like a cartel war zone, and I assure you that is not the case.

I have one last myth to dispel.  Don’t drink the water.  Well, this is partially true.  When at the remote villages, all the water is from rivers or rainwater.  I would not recommend drinking that.  However, Galeana and the surrounding areas have plenty of stores that sell bottled water and even 5 gallon containers of water for consumption.  There is no shortage of drinkable water.  Tap water in Galeana is safe for washing your hands, showering, brushing your teeth, etc.

Finally, I want to encourage those who feel led to help.  Don’t let fear keep you from getting your passport and coming to lend a hand. If you want to come help, please do.  True Path Ministry has a place to house you in “Casa Alfarero,” where they host Kid’s Club.  We have many projects to complete, (see the Palmito post) and just planning and executing a trip to one of the remote villages is a ton of work.

We would love to have your help if God has put us in your heart.  I can promise you abundant love and joy here.  Until next time, Dios de Bendiga/God Bless You.

Lori and Jeanette pose by La Lagua lake outside Galeana.

It was a good group that traveled from Galeana to help minister to the people in Jesus name.

The church building was full of worshipers earnestly seeking the Lord.

Lori has a passion for art and she sketched the little wooden church building in Canoes.

The pastor fed beans and rice to the visitors.

The town square in Galeana had great Christmas decorations.

Lori, Pastora Berenice and Jeanette paused in front of the small church in San Francisco.


Pastora Berenice and Edith sang with the kids and taught them a Bible verse while the adults had a separate service.

Jeanette shows off her new purse that Evangelist Ramiro’s wife made.


Pastor Ruben shows Lori how they harvest nuts from Pine Cones.