What God Can Do with a Little Time and Willing Hearts

True Path Ministry Inc. had the privilege of working here in Mexico with a group on a short-term mission trip from the Medina, Texas United Methodist Church. The group accomplished a lot both physically and spiritually in just a few days. They were here the better part of a week and returned home on August 12th.

They covered Pastor Seldonia’s outdoor worship area with a sheet metal roof (see New Roof and Kid’s Day in Refugio). It is near the extremely remote mountain village of Refugio. The Pastor asked TPM a couple of years ago for our help to replace the brush covered pavilion. We have been praying that the Lord would have some group step forward to claim that project, and He did. And it was a small church from the Texas Hill Country. Who would have predicted that?

It was a project that should have taken a couple of days to complete. Yet, the group somehow got it done in about four hours! That included cutting down trees to use as support beams.

At the same time the roof workers were busy, part of the group held a VBS like event for the children living in that area of the mountains. Over twenty kids showed up, with some walking an hour with their Moms to get there. While the kids were learning about Jesus, worship broke out among the adults. The canyon was filled with praises to the Lord.

The group also tackled a water tank project for Iglesia Getsemani in Galeana, NL. It was in Pastor Reynaldo’s new unfinished church building. We badly needed the storage tank to allow the toilets to function when city water is turned off, which is a regular occurrence. We recently had a youth event and had to haul water in buckets up the hill to flush the toilets. Thanks to the Medina United Methodist Church, hauling water is no longer necessary.

TPM, members from the Getsemani Church and some of the Texas visitors took “blessing bags” to seven home bound elderly. One lady told the group, through heart-felt tears, that no one had been to see her in months. She was overjoyed by the love of Christ from the group.

TPM, the Texas group and Getsemani Church members made their way to Rayones one day for a special time of worship under giant pecan trees (see Worship & Ministry Under the Pecan Trees of Rayones). In addition to a powerful service they held a kid’s time, gave out bags of clothing and reading glasses.

Beyond the physical projects that were completed there was spiritual work that happened too. Having Christians from the USA come and worship here in the remote mountains of Mexico is a big deal. It renews the hope of the gospel to the people. The language is different, but we share the same Holy Spirit.

Because of the short-term mission trip from the Medina, Texas United Methodist Church many lives were touched in Texas and here in Mexico. It is all for Christ, we serve an Awesome God!

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It was beautiful scenery