Wait Patiently for the Promises of the Lord

About forty children came to the Marcos 10:14 Kid’s Club tent meeting to hear about the Lord on November 29th. “I waited patiently for the Lord to help me, and he turned to me and heard my cry,” this is from Psalms 40:1. It was the focus of the study and the teachers used hand puppets to make their points. Jesus’ disciples followed His command to wait for the Holy Spirit after his resurrection. The Holy Spirit was a surprise gift for those who were with the disciples. The kids got a surprise gift on this cold night, cup cakes with hot chocolate. Christ was glorified, the kids had fun and learned a little more about the Lord, it was a  good night at club.

There was about 40 kids at the meeting (click on a photo to see it larger)

The teachers used a puppet-show for the Bible lesson

The kids made their own hand-puppet during craft time

Cupcakes and hot chocolate was a special treat

A poster also reinforced the lesson