Village of the Tiny Palms…Palmito

Today we had the pleasure of meeting the Pastor of a village only one hour outside of Galeana (Palmito).  Pastor

Pastor Ruben is 85 years old but still works hard for the Kingdom of God (click on a photo to see it larger)

Ruben is 85 years old and still spreading the Gospel.  He invited True Path Ministry and Pastor Rey to his one room rock church that has been vacant for 20 years.

Stephen, Tonyia, Pastor Rey, Pastora Berenice, Edith, Sandra, Mari, their families and I all pitched in to help fill the church.  Stephen and Pastor Rey created benches in the empty building from old lumber and cinderblocks.

As services began, LuLu, Sandra, Mari, Edith, and Pastora Berenice led the church family in song.  Pastor Rey preached an excellent sermon on “all you need is Christ.”  The children were treated to their own special worship service led by Pastora Berenice and Edith.  They loved singing, dancing, and learning a bible verse.

After services were over, we brought out clothing for all ages and gave the children gift bags of toys, Christian literature, and personal care items.  The children immediately began playing with their toys.

After today it is obvious that there are many projects that True Path Ministry could use help with…There are many people in need here in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.  However, we have several special projects to help the local Pastors and some of the families that are in extreme need.  Here is a partial list:

  1. Pastor Ruben’s church in Palmito-The church building has been vacant for 20 years. It needs: glass put into the windows; inside walls need stucco; inside walls needs repainting; lighting needs to be installed.
  2. Pastor Santigo’s church in Refugio-This is a very simple wood slat building. It is aging too.  It needs: siding repairs; inside wall repair; new concrete on certain areas of the floor.
  3. Pastora Benerice’s church in San Francisco-This is also a very old building. It needs: a working bathroom with a shower; lighting.
  4. Family with no running water—This family needs a water storage tank installed, and needs a fully functional bathroom with a shower.

True Path Ministry would like to request help in whatever form you feel led to give.  If you would like to come to Nuevo Leon to help with the labor, we would welcome you.

Until next time, Gloria a Dios and Dios de Bendiga/Glory to God and God Bless You.

Pastor Ruben plans to hold regular services in the tiny Church building in Palmito.

The church building was full of worshipers earnestly seeking the Lord.

Lulu and Sandra lead the song service.

Pastor Reynaldo delivered a moving sermon.

Many experienced an intense time with the Lord during a time of prayer at the end of the adult service.

The church prayed for Pastor Ruben as he begins to hold services and minister to the people of Palmito. He speaks no English and I was happy the saying on his shirt was perfect for him “its not about me.”


The children were treated to a special time of fun songs, prayer and learning.

The kids joined hands for a time of prayer together.

With Edith’s assistance, Pastora Berenice  lead the children to experience the love of Christ.

Each child received a bag of candy after they recited their Bible memory verse.

The children were overjoyed to get the generous gifts.

Each gift bag included a gospel tract telling them of the love of Christ for them.

Lori and Jeanette helped to give out gifts.

The children were overjoyed to get the generous gifts.

Sandra helped folks select a pair of reading glasses.

This teenager was happy to be able to see the words in the Bible more clearly.

We also brought clothes for all ages to give away.

Pastor Ruben was glad to get Bibles to use in his church.

The church building is very old and needs numerous repairs.

Palmito is named for these short palms that grow in the mountains around the village.

There was a grand vista as we witnessed clouds moving into the valley below our road.

Jeanette and Lori were impressed with the beautiful mountains we saw on the road to Palmito.

It was a good group that traveled from Galeana to help minister to the people in Jesus name.