Vibrant Worship in the Desert Village, Borrasito

True Path Ministry Gospel On The Move team of fourteen Christians traveled down a very long dirt road deep into the desert on November 11th, 2017. The tiny ranch village of Borrasito is very remote, but they have built one of the nicest Christian “Templo Evangelico” we have seen in rural Mexico. However, the church is more than just a pretty building.

The Church building is beautiful. (click on a photo to see it larger)

Many of the village’s adults knew to come to the templo so they could hear from God, and they did. Pastor Reynaldo from Galeana delivered a moving Bible-based and spirit-filled message. During prayer time at the end of the service the alter filled with people crying out to our Lord, as Lulu played the guitar softly in the background. Several of the Christians from Galeana helped to pray for the people at the alter.

Jesus was also glorified as the twenty five kids met in a separate area for their time of worship. Pastor Berenice, from a village just out of Galeana, came along to teach the children. We were blessed to have her join us. She has a God-given talent as a Bible educator to kids of all ages. The little ones listened eagerly as she told the story of Zacchaeus as found in Luke 19:1-10. The kids recited the memory verse several times prior to participating in an art project which related to the story. Before leaving the building, the children all received a gift.

At the end of the adult service the team spread out a tarp and emptied several large boxes of clothes for every gender and age. As is our custom, we also gave out Bibles and many pairs of reading glasses. A special gift box for the pastor and his family which included: kitchen items, beans, coffee, towels and other goodies. Plus, we had a special gift bag for each woman.

The residents of Borrasito have very few visitors who will brave the long, hole filled dirt road to see them. They were extremely grateful that we came. We were too, it is always a privilege to serve our King – Jesus.

Pastor Jacobo and wife Maria welcomed us.

Lulu lead the music.

Several from the congregation sang a special song.

Pastor Reynaldo from the Getsamani Church in Galeana preached a powerful sermon.

Many came to the alter for prayer.

The kids met in another area of the church.

Tonyia and several others from Galeana came along  to help with the service.

Stephen showed some of the boys how to shoot one of the toys.

Reading glasses are always a popular part of our ministry.

We gave out several Bibles.

They were grateful to get clothes


It is a tiny village where many of the homes are made of adobe.

We encounter heavy traffic from a herd of goats coming into town.

It took us about a half hour before reaching the turn onto the dirt road.

Once we left the highway we drove about an hour and a half on a very rough dirt road.

On our return trip we stopped by this lake. It was an odd sight to see in the desert.