VBS in Refugio

Guest written by Stephen and Tonyia’s niece, Jeanette (07/20/2022)

Our day started early with the team from Iglesia Getsemani and the members of True Path Ministry driving over 2 hours deep into the mountains.  Our destination was the tiny village of Refugio. 

The drive to Refugio is always jaw-droppingly beautiful.  The pictures that we take of the views and the drop offs don’t do it justice.  There is simply no way to show the depth and width of the mountains in pictures and getting to the village is part of the adventure.  We arrived around 11am at the home of Pastor Seldonia and his wife Elsa.  Elsa had prepared a wonderful lunch for us of picadillo, rice, and beans.  After eating, we proceeded 20 minutes deeper into the mountains to the next grouping of houses.  As Pastor Seldonia explained, this was where we were going to do our program for the kids.  It was much closer than Pastor Seldonia’s house for all the families that walk over the mountains to attend.

We discovered that the local government had recently built a new pavilion there that would provide shade for our program.  We immediately set up and begin to sing and dance with the kids. They loved the songs, the craft, the program about having Jesus in your heart, and learning the scripture Matthew 6:33.  We had one young girl who accepted Christ today!

We also played a team game of “passing” a cup full of water (with holes in the bottom of the cup) down a line and back.  The team who has the most water in the bucket at the end of the line wins.  The kids also hunted eggs that contained the words in Matthew 6:33 and had to put them into the correct order. The team that did this the fastest won.

After all this was over, we fed the kids and adults a sandwich, chips, drink, and of course handed out a toy and candy.  Everyone had a wonderful time!  This was a day full of God’s blessings and beauty.  I cannot suggest enough that everyone should try to come down here and experience this gift.  The children are so full of wonder and love and the adults are both welcoming and loving.  I cannot count the number of times I have been here, and this never gets old and never ceases to fill my soul with joy.  I urge you to come and experience it too.  Until next time, Dios te bendiga/God bless you.

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