TPM Three Project Needs

Please pray  with us about three ministry needs:  1) adding a 15 passenger van;  2) repairing our Ford Edge; 3) completing the  Getsemani Church in Galeana. Currently True Path Ministry has a 1995 Chevrolet Suburban with a ton of miles on it and a 2010 Ford Edge with 270,000+ miles on it. Church construction continues, but much more is needed to have it completed.

1) People and supply carrier needed. In Mexico, the suburban is used to carry many children to our weekly club meetings. We also use it to get people to church on Sunday, to travel to remote villages and to take groups, like the youth, to special events.

The Suburban has been a great blessing. We have had as many as 20 + people in it, but it is beginning to have problems. It is difficult to get people in and out and it uses a lot of gas. Gas is the equal of $4.00 a gallon.

2) Repair or Replace Edge? Our Ford Edge has required some expensive repairs recently and we are concerned about the condition of its transmission. We use the Ford Edge to travel between the US and Mexico and often pull a trailer full of items for Mexico. The roads in Mexico, especially going to the remote villages, are very rough and has taken a toll on our Edge.

3) Finish Galeana Church Building. We continue to move forward with the building of Getsemani Church in Galeana. Several things still need to be completed; windows and doors among others.

Please pray with us about these needs. If the Lord leads you in any of these areas to give, you can mail a check or give online.

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