URGENT Needs for Church

Getsemani Church in Galeana has no windows, no front door, no toilet or sink in the bathroom, yet the congregation plans to begin using the building Saturday. This church is a close partner with True Path Ministry for Jesus’ work in Mexico. As of now we have commitments for two large windows.

The new building is partially complete, it has most of a roof (it should be finished this week), walls, water, sewer and electricity is near by. They plan to begin using the building shell regardless of its condition for a dedication service Saturday and Sunday for regular worship services.

A Christian member of the church has agreed to live in the building to protect the sound system, chairs and other items until it can be properly secured with windows and doors.

We need: ten windows about 40”X56” (each opening size varies) at a cost of about $75 USD each and; we need eight windows, 46”X16” at a cost of about $46 USD each.

Window project totals: $750 for large windows and; $368 for smaller windows; total $1,118.00 USD. All windows here are custom make as the openings vary.

We will also need a large front door built. I estimate it will cost about $250 USD.

The cost of a toilet is about $60 USD and pedestal sink $55 USD, estimated labor $50 USD. Total for bathroom $165 USD.

Total to get all windows, door, toilet and sink: $1,533 USD.

Why the urgency now? Their landlord at the current location wants to increase their rent so it is no longer affordable. The Church wants their limited funds to go toward the new building.

You may donate on line through PayPal or mail a check to:

True Path Ministry Inc.
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Pastor Reynaldo and wife Lulu lead a growing body of believers.