Smiles in Santa Rosa

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Today our group from True Path Ministry, Iglesia Getsemani, Medina Community Church, and first-time visitors Will and Debbie Loveless made our final trip of the week.  We braved a very rough dirt road for 2.5 hours to arrive at the town of Santa Rosa. 

Santa Rosa has a beautiful church where we sang songs and worshipped.  The children were seated outside of the church where they had their own church service.  Ana, our children’s teacher, led the kids in songs, the story of the birth of Christ, and a craft project.  They all enjoyed the time together!  Afterwards, each school age child received a backpack full of school supplies and a toy.  The younger kids received bags full of toys.

Before departing, Pastor Celestino’s wife, Anastasia, fed us all a wonderful meal of salad, tamales, and fideo.  The salad was extra special due to the fresh pecans on top of it.  Pecans are Santa Rosa’s main crop and are shipped all around the area to generate income. 

Now that the sun has set on our last day, it has been a wonderful trip!  God has blessed us with this time here and we hope that we have helped to shine His light of love on all these villages.  Until next time, Dios te Bendiga…God Bless You, my friends.