Renewed and Refreshed After IA Missions Conference

“Tonyia and I were renewed and refreshed after three days of prayer and good fellowship with other missionaries at the annual Independent Assemblies (IA) Missions Conference in Blackwell, Oklahoma on October 9-11, 2017,” said Stephen. “We were a bit surprised and honored to be among the missionaries who spoke at this year’s conference.”

Rev. Robert Johnson is the world missions director for IA. (click on a photo to see it larger)

Tonyia and I arrived a little early for the first session on Monday and IA World Missions director Rev. Robert Johnson met us and sat down to talk a bit. After a few minutes he asked us if we had a PowerPoint presentation that shows our ministry. I said yes and he asked us to be the first speaker on Tuesday morning. He said for some reason he had not settled on what to do in that time slot until after he talked with Tonyia and I.

Wow, the Lord does work in mysterious ways. It was humbling for True Path Ministry Inc. to be included in the program as the other organizations represented are well established through many years of service in their part of the world.

Ministries from around the world were represented at the conference. Missionaries that we met or who presented, serve in Africa, India, Mexico, Iran, Asia, South and Central America.

We met Kerry and Twyla Ruggles who live in Saltillo, Mexico and have a church and college there. We also met a Brother who has a ministry in Rio Bravo, Mexico and several others from IA who had done ministry through the years all over Mexico.

Rev. Kerry Riggs is head of a Christian college and church in Saltillo, Mexico

We enjoyed seeing how God is working through various organizations around the world. But also, it was a joy to be part of the very spirit-filled worship services held Monday and Tuesday nights. Plus, IA pampered us with special meals prepared by the good folks from the Blackwell Tabernacle. The fellowship between missionaries and world missions minded Christians was especially enjoyable.

In the final session IA brought all missionaries forward and laid hands on and prayed earnestly for each of us. Both Tonyia and I felt a renewed sense of purpose as we started our drive back south. We are proud to be part of IA, it is a very mission minded organization that is on the front lines of furthering God’s kingdom around the world.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity! Psalm 133:1

We were pleasantly surprised when Rev. Johnson asked us to speak at the Missions Conference.

Dr. Estes is vice-president of IA. He preached and told of his recent travel in India for Jesus. He is full of the Holy Spirit and is a powerful healing preacher.