Rare Snow Fall in Galeana, NL, Mexico

Today it is not only cold (23F, -4C), but a dusting of snow covers the ground in Galeana, NL, MX. It is rare to see the white stuff in town, but cold temperatures are normal as it sits in a valley about a mile high. The town is surrounded by towering mountains such as Cerro El Potosí, elevation 12,205 ft (3720 m), which is just Northwest of town. It is not unusual to see it snow-capped in the winter.

Stephen and Tonyia are in Texas right now collecting Christmas gifts for Mexico. But they often communicate with folks in Galeana. “We exchanged messages with Pastor Reynaldo yesterday and they had to call off the Marcos 10:14 Kids Club meeting Thursday night due to the weather,” said Tonyia. We typically have from 30-50 children at the weekly meeting. Many of them walk to club, plus, it is very difficult to get them all in our ministry house.

As we enjoy the comforts of central heat here in Texas, I am reminded that most homes, church buildings and businesses in Galeana have no heat. I pray the Lord keeps the folks in Mexico warm and safe.

This photo was taken by a very good local photographer.

Ana took this photo of her kids enjoying the rare snow (our ministry house is in the background).

Pastor Rey sent us this photo looking at his vehicle out his front door.

Elis who is a police officer in Galeana posted this photo. It would be a bad time to be driving in Galeana.