Proclaiming Christ the King in El Carmen

Eighteen Christians from Galeana, NL, Mx made the hour and a half drive to the tiny desert village El Carmen to proclaim Jesus the Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords. Pastor Ezekiel’s small church building filled with worshipers eager to hear what the Holy Spirit had for them. It was a powerful time for the adults and a fun-filled learning experience for the children who had their own separate service (the photographs included on the website tell the story best).

After the services the kids were given candy and gift bags full of toys, a Christian tract, toothbrushes and other personal items. The adults were given Bibles, clothing, reading glasses, toothpaste and toothbrushes. Plus, the women got a special gift bag with an ink pen, writing pad, hand lotion, lip gloss and tissues.

Most of the adults in the group from Galeana wore their matching Iglesia Getsemani shirts (click on a photo to see it larger).

Missionary Stephen (left) and Evangelist Ramiro smiled for the camera before services began.


Evangelist Ramiro delivered a powerful sermon about the staff Moses and Aaron used (Exodus 7).

The church building was full of worshipers.

The adults who came from Galeana all spoke to the congregation.

The children had their own service lead by Ana and Edith from Galeana.

After services the kids were each given a gift.

The ladies in the service also got a special gift.

There was clothing for everyone.

Toothbrushes and glasses were also given out.

We gave a “Blessing Bag” to Pastor Ezekiel and his family.

The church congregation fed us.

They are working on a new bigger church building beside the existing structure.

The paved highway into the desert soon turned into a dusty dirt road.

Most of the thirty mile, hour and a half drive, was on a rough dirt road.

We met this motorcycler who was using plastic to block some of the cold air on his drive to town.

We drove through a forest of Joshua Trees.

We took a soccer ball for the kids to play with. It had to be retrieved from the top of a local house.

Pastor Reynaldo and Lulu are always eager to take the gospel on the road with True Path Ministry.