Preparation for Marcos 10:14 Kid’s Club Anniversary

Tonyia and Stephen recently returned to Galeana after spending a couple of months in the US. It is exciting to be back in Mexico, but also very busy. We are preparing for our one year anniversary of the Marcos 10:14 Kids Club. To honor that milestone we will host a big fiesta on Monday July 10th. It will be an extra special event as we will also celebrate Stephen’s birthday, and our niece Jeanette and her daughter Lori will be here in Galeana.

Evangelist Ramiro will preach, we will feed everyone, and the kids from club will sing. What a joyous time in Jesus it will be! Keep watching for the Anniversary photos. Club on June 29th included some games, prayers and food, but was mostly practice for the July 10th event.

Each week we pick up numerous kids in the surrounding are with our ministry Suburban.

Club has kids of all ages and adults come to help too.

Teachers Ana (left) and Patty have worked hard to make the ministry house “kid friendly”.

The kids enjoy the games each week.

Teacher Patty talks to the kids about the upcoming event.

This game involves group hugs.

Each week we feed the children and adults who comes to club.


These two young mothers come often to club.