Prayers with Lopez Family

Tonya, Pastor Lupe and Samuel Lopez.

Tonya, Pastor Lupe and Samuel Lopez. (click on photo for closer view)

Thursday night (May 26)  a small car pulled up in front of our Galeana home with Samuel and Tonya Lopez.  The Lopez family are well known locally because of their musical talent and we have been around them at multiple Christian events. Some of you may recall we had prayed with Tonya and her daughter Cindy some weeks back.

Samuel and Tonya Lopez were distressed and we were honored and humbled they had come to us. However, we were not sure what was the nature of their distress. We had difficulty talking with them because of our limited Spanish. We called our fellow True Path Ministry worker Martin who talked with them a while.

We learned from Martin they had just been to the hospital after Samuel had experienced some unusual bleeding. Plus, Tonya had a very disturbing dream the very night before. They were both concerned and wanted our prayers. We shared some coffee and cookies and then we prayed. We agreed to come see them at their home on Saturday so we could pray for them and their home with Martin present.

The True Path Ministry team (Martin, Anna, Genesis, Tonyia and Stephen) drove out to the Lopez compound, called El Poso, on Saturday night. It is about ten miles south of Galeana. Several members of the Lopez family and others have homes beside each other. They even have their own church where the senior Lupe Lopez is pastor.

We sat down with Samuel, Tonya and Lupe Lopez for a time of friendly visiting. After discussing their concerns we opened the Bible to Ephesians to read and discuss the power of the Armor of God in verses 6:10-20 and its application in our lives.

We began an intense time of prayer. We all realize we can only fight the rulers of the darkness in the Spirit through the name of Jesus. We laid hands on, prayed for, and anointed with oil  Samuel and Tonya Lopez and their home. The power of the Holy Spirit filled the room. It was a moving moment in the name of Jesus. We are so thankful to have a Savior that loves us so much. Jesus is our certain hope!