Tonyia and Stephen Williams photo

Prayers Answered: Mother and Daughter Healed

Ok, I (Tonyia) gotta tell my story, well truly it’s Jesus’ story! Over a month ago I had the opportunity to pray for a sister, in her home, to be healed from a stomach issue. I prayed with her and we proclaimed her healing in Jesus name.

Last week she brought her daughter to our house and asked for prayer. They thought she might have cancer. The daughter had a dream that darkness was coming over her and she was going to die. I prayed for her and proclaimed healing in Jesus name.

That night I was laying in bed and the Lord told me the dream the daughter saw was not her dying but the disease coming out of her body. She is healed. I told our interpreter the next day and he called to tell her.

Last night (April 29) Steve and I went to a revival and the mother and daughter were there also. As we were eating I went to say hi and they couldn’t wait to tell me thru Martin, our translator, that they were both healed. The mom said she was immediately healed. The daughter got her test results today and everything was normal.

All glory goes to God! Our healer, our protector. The lover of our souls!! He is so worthy to be praised!! Thank you Jesus!

Doors are opening even though Satan is attacking we will keep moving forward with Jesus! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has ahead! Let’s Go Jesus!!!