Praising Cristo in Pinones Mexico

Fifteen people loaded into the True Path Ministry 1995 Suburban and the Williams’ 2010 Edge to make the hour drive to Pinones Mexico. The Christian group included an evangelist, three pastors, two missionaries and nine from Getsemani church. Our goal was to take both spiritual and physical blessings to the people. It is a tiny mountain village, south of Galeana, in the middle of piñon pine trees. The people make their living mostly by harvesting the piñon nuts from the trees.

This woman was filled with the joy of the Lord after getting relief from an ailment. (click on a photo to see it larger)

Pastor Maximo has shepherded a vibrant Christian Church in the community for years.  We came together with the community in the small, but full of life, church to hold a special worship service for the adults and, in a separate building (also a storage shed), the kids.

Every seat was taken in the church building and we noticed that many came with their Bibles. The front alter filled with people as they prepared their hearts for worship before the service began.

Pastor Lulu lead the song service. Stephen and Tonyia used their limited Spanish to tell how the Lord had called them to live in Mexico. Tonyia used her hands with American sign language to express her faith in Christ to a Spanish language Christian song. When Evangelist Ramiro began to preach the children were invited to another building.

Pastor Berenice, who had come with us for the first time, is from a small village about ten miles north of Galeana. She and Edith had a great time teaching the children. They found that most of the kids were Christians. At the end of the study, each child recited John 6:35, which was their memory verse for the day. For their work the kids got a small gift bag and some candy. It was a happy time of praising the Lord and learning.

In the adult service several ladies came forward and asked Evangelist Ramiro to pray for their healing. They all experienced relief from ailments. One lady, who could barely walk before the prayer time, ran down the aisle in joy while another wept. There was not a dry eye in the place. It was a moment with the Holy Spirit few will forget.

After services we spread out a big tarp and laid out piles of clothing for all ages and genders. We also gave out Bibles, reading glasses and Tonyia handed each lady a special gift bag. We gave Pastor Maximo and his wife a “blessing box” with kitchen items and food.

The people showered us with gratitude, but with every “gracias” we point upward – it is all for Jesus and He gets the glory.

Evangelist Ramiro gave a powerful Bible-based sermon.

Lulu lead the song service with help of local musicians.

Tonyia used sign language to praise the Lord to a Spanish song.

Many of the worshipers prayed at the alter to prepare their hearts before the service began.

Every seat was filled before the children went to their own area.

Young and old were at the service.

The children were treated to a time of worship and learning in a separate building.

The kids got a small gift bag.

Stephen helped the kids understand some of the toys.

We gave out several Bibles.

Our reading glasses were very popular.

Tonyia handed the ladies gift bags.

This lady was a character and enjoyed having her photo taken with Tonyia.

We gave Pastor Maximo a “blessing box.”

The Pastor’s wife is a beautiful women.

The people in the village make their living by harvesting the piñon nuts.

The piñon nuts Evangelist Ramiro is holding are very popular in Mexico.

Pastor Maximo talks to us about his church before services begin.