Pastor’s Birthday, Wound Care and Blessing Bag

Pastor Jose and family.

Pastor Jose and family.

The True Path Ministry team (Martin, Anna, Genesis, Tonyia and Stephen) were part of a surprise Birthday party for Pastor Jose. Many from his congregation turned out to wish him well. His church is in Dieciocho de Marzo, a small community about ten miles northwest of Galeana. There were a number of touching moments as his wife Pera and family joined the festivities.

Everyone shared a moment about what Pastor Jose meant to them. A very special one was Louis. He is a young teen and nephew of the pastor. The family now considers Louis one of their own four kids. Louis told how thankful he was that Jose allowed him to come live with them.  He was in a difficult family situation in Monterrey but now living with Jose,  he knows Christ and he is being taught how to live out his faith. There was not a dry eye in the place.

After the hour long tribute the party moved from the sanctuary to the fellowship room for a meal and cake. The ladies of the church had prepared enough to feed everyone. The meal was good but the desert was special for Pastor Jose. He has a particular fondness for cake and he ended up with three from which to choose. After he got his pick everyone joined in eating one of the sweet treats.

Pastor Jose's congregation.

Pastor Jose’s congregation.

One of the tributes was from a new family in the church. We learned that the wife had recently had major surgery. The wound was not healing properly and reopened. They found out Tonyia was a nurse and they asked if she could come by their house to examine the site, give her advise and pray with her for healing – of course we were happy to visit them.

As it turns out the family’s home was next door to Lupe also a member of the congregation. He is a wonderful, spirit-filled 85 year old. He is going through a difficult time as a good friend of his was diagnosed with a serious condition. He has virtually no income, but a big heart.

Pastor Jose defends his cake - he likes cake.

Pastor Jose defends his cake – he really likes cake.

Several folks spoke and even sang for the pastor's party.

Several folks spoke and even sang for the pastor’s party.

We took him a “blessing bag” with staples such as tortillas, cooking oil, coffee, rice, beans, cookies, sugar and toilet paper. Pastor Jose also joined us at Lupe’s home to talk with him and to take his petition to God in a intense time of prayer. He is such a powerful witness for Jesus – he was grateful, humble and welcoming.

We took a "blessing bag" to 85 year old Lupe.

We took a “blessing bag” to 85 year old Lupe.

Tonyia used her nurse skills to discuss the Sister's wound.

Tonyia used her nurse skills to discuss the Sister’s wound.

Once again I am overwhelmed how we are being used by the LORD. I encourage you to go on a missionary trip – it will bless you beyond measure.

PS – You are always welcome to come see us in Mexico!