Pastor Selodonio’s Answered Prayer

We asked Pastor Selodonio what his greatest need was, for what are you praying? True Path Ministry (TPM) was in his village that is tucked away deep in the mountains on December 31st (see Gospel, Gifts and Fellowship in Refugio). His reply, “a different vehicle, one that is reliable, that does not produce fumes in the cab and one that has more seating for my family.” He and his family carry the Gospel of Christ to four rural churches scattered throughout the area’s rugged terrain every week.

TPM has known and worked with Pastor Selodonio for several years. His faithfulness and commitment to the Lord is unwavering. We have noticed that members of his congregation bring their Bibles to services and have a spiritual depth that comes from good leadership. TPM set out to find a better vehicle for Pastor Selodonio. Our close partner in ministry, Pastor Reynaldo, found one online in a nearby city that seemed to fit his needs. We took Pastor Selodonio to look at it and we took it for a test drive. Thankfully, due to your faithful prayers and giving, we were able to buy it for him.

Pastor Selodonio kept saying “I can’t believe such a nice truck is mine.” He was so grateful. He lives off the land and has very meager financial means, but he is rich in other ways. The Bible tells us: Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 (ESV)

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