Palmito: Sweet Worship and Fellowship

Missionary Glenn Wied was with us today (November 16th) from Steadfast Ministry of Alton, Texas. He and a group of 19 people from Galeana, NL, Mexico loaded up in the True Path Ministry van and my (Stephen) pick-up truck. We made our way through the mountains to the tiny farming village Palmito. Pastor Ruben, who is 87 years old, has been shepherding the faithful Christian church members there. Most of the folks who came in support were from Iglesia Getsemani Church. Pastor Israel and family from La Chama was also with us.

A group from Iglesia Getsemani Church generally go to Palmito for worship at least once per month, but today was an especially memorable occasion. Missionary Glenn is a gifted musician and his uplifting style had everyone smiling. There were about 25 kids who enjoyed a special kid’s time when evangelist Ramiro was preaching to the adults.

The singing was beautiful, the prayers were heartfelt, the preaching was powerful and the fellowship among the believers was sweet. It was a wonderful day in the Lord!

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