One Who Waters Will Himself Be Watered

Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered (Proverbs 11:25). Jeanette Lewis, our niece who has traveled to Galeana several times, said she came across this verse. She said “she found the perfect verse to describe how helping in Mexico makes her feel.”

Arlen Williams (Stephen’s brother) has also learned the meaning of this proverb firsthand. He was excited to go back to Mexico for his third trip to help True Path Ministry Inc. (TPM) for a couple of weeks. His work took many forms from yard work, to moving furniture, to carrying cement bags.

One of the central tasks during his visit was to help Pastor Reynaldo and his family move from his small three room “casa” (house) into the much larger TPM ministry house. Pastor Reynaldo and wife Lulu will oversee the ministry house, keep it secure, host visitors and setup for events such as Kid’s Club. It is a two story house and they will occupy the bottom floor and the upper floor will be reserved for TPM.

Arlen was in Galeana to do whatever was needed for the ministry. The courtyard area around the ministry house was overgrown and had to be managed. He also carried cement up to the new church building site and other similar manual tasks. He was also part of encouraging the many friends he had met from previous visits.

TPM encourages folks to come see us. There is always something to do from repairing church buildings to ministering to kids. If you would like more information about visiting us in Mexico check out our “visit” page on the TPM website. The Lord will bless and change you through a short term mission trip – He has Arlen.

Moving Pastor Reynaldo and family was part of Arlen’s visit (click on a photo to see it larger).

Church member Daniel (left) also helped with the move.

Arlen Williams (Stephen’s brother) was in Galeana for the last two weeks to help with ministry projects.

A new swing at the ministry house was a favorite project.

Lots of clean up was needed around the ministry house.

The courtyard area looks much better now.

Arlen was in Mexico for their independence day celebration (September 16th).

The two brothers visited the market that was held in honor of Independence Day.

Washboards are still commonly used in this area of Mexico.

We visited La Laguna Lake a few miles outside Galeana (click on a photo to see it larger).

The mountain in the background is Potosi and it is over 12,000 feet tall.

The scenery in the area is beautiful.

Worship is always part of our week in Mexico.