Nuevo Corazon Into a New Year

We took meals to this pleasant older man who lived alone in this small wooden house. He recently passed away.

It was good to be back helping Nuevo Corazon ministry deliver meals Tuesday, January 9th to the mostly home-bound elderly around Galeana, NL, Mexico. Sandra, Mari, Patty and Lulu started cooking the meat and vegetables early.

They made Gorditas this week. The freshly cooked ingredients were  stuffed into a pocket cut into an extra thick tortilla. After the meals were packaged the entire team prayed for the food and those who would gratefully receive it. Pastor Reynaldo, two-year-old Elias and I (Stephen) loaded the food into my trusty 2010 Ford Edge (it now has over 240,000 miles on it) and drove the now familiar route all over town.

One sad note, I learned from Pastor Reynaldo that one elderly man on our route had died recently. But I saw many familiar smiling faces. There was no one home at one man’s house, but we later saw him sitting on the side of the road. So in typical Mexico style, we simply gave him the meal right where he was. It is such a joy to serve the Lord by serving others.

We served this man where we found him, on the side of the road.

Sandra (left), Mari and Patty (not shown) assembled the Gordita.

Lulu filled the drink cups.