New Restroom Door and Plumbing Improvements

There have been several recent improvements at the new church building site for Getsemani Church in Galeana, NL, Mexico. There is now a wooden restroom door, improved plumbing, new restroom lighting and fresh concrete steps in place.

Stephen and Arlen (Stephen’s brother) installed a door frame and hung a wooden door on the entry to the restroom. They improved the plumbing with a PVC water line, main water valve, water facets and valves at the two toilet locations. The brothers also wired in an LED fixture and two compact fluorescent lights in the restroom.

A very good concrete workman and a volunteer from the church formed up and poured steps by the main entry door way. (An interesting side note: in Mexico the wood forms for the concrete are rented). The church also has a new piece of property that will provide ample parking once the area is cleared of brush, rocks and cactus.

Please keep this church project for the Lord in your prayers as there is still much to do before construction will be complete.

Note: Click on a photo to see it larger.

There was only a cloth curtain over the restroom entry before we installed the new door.