Marcos 10:14 Learned Our Choices Have Consequences

On October 5th, 2017 the children at the Marcos 10:14 Kids Club learned that our choices have consequences. Over the past few weeks the Christ-centered group has been studying how God created us out of love, but gave us the power to make our own decisions in life. This week they learned how choices that are contrary to God’s plan for us (sin) can have serious repercussion. Yes, God still loves us dearly, but something has to be done about our disobedience to Him for us to realize a joy-filled life.

The club teachers are using a study guide that lays out the gospel in a way that kids of various ages can grasp its meaning. It uses Bible stories to clearly illustrate what Jesus did for us and how we can  turn to him to unite us with God. The prayers, crafts, games and songs all support the weekly studies. We always end with a light meal.  Many of the kids come from economically poor families and some have no other Christian influences.

The kids are taught how to pray, Christian songs and to love each other.