Marcos 10:14 Kid’s Club: Thursday May 24 and 31, 2018

Club is an important part of the True Path Ministry mission in Mexico. Our prayer is for each one of these kids to know Jesus personally. Each week, teacher Patty leads the kids in singing, games and the Bible lesson. Lou Lou (as we all call her, but her real name Lourdes), Pastor Reynaldo’s wife, heads up the food part of club with several helpers: Marti, Sandra, occasionally Edith and others. There are other adult volunteers that make club happen each week.

May 24: the study this week taught the kids the importance of reading their Bible to learn more about God, how to live as a Christian and to be in a personal relationship with Jesus.

At Craft time, the kids make a jar of love. Each kid decorated a jar of love to give someone in their family. They taped to the outside of the jar the words: Reasons I love you. Each child would have written on several strips of paper why they loved that person and placed them inside the jar.

On May 31: the kids learned about the temple which was a special place to worship for the Israelites. The children were taught that the buildings where we worship is special, but we can worship God everywhere.

For the craft, the kids made a tent which resembled the housing the Israelites lived in. The kids always enjoy the craft time which goes along with the Bible study.

It takes a team of workers to keep this weekly ministry going. Steve and I are very thankful for their willingness to work with these kids every week. May the Lord bless each one of them abundantly for their service!!

Marti (right) hands out the club meal. She is a faithful volunteer at club meetings (click on a photo to see it larger).

Teacher Patty makes the lessons fun for the kids.

Game time always brings lots of laughs.

There is a time for singing Christian songs at each club meeting.

Some kids wear their club shirts to the meetings.