Life’s Two Gates

For this sketch “Life’s Two Gates” I pulled from the Old Testament book Joshua 24:14-15 and New Testament book Matthew 7:12-14. I was reminded of the many righteous things we find behind the narrow gate and the
darkness that lies behind the wide gate.

I also realize that through Christ’s grace, forgiveness and love we can enter the narrow gate even if we started down the wrong way. That happened to me, for years I was following the way of the world. I’m by no means perfect now but my hope is in Jesus.

One of the ways I (Stephen) study the Holy Bible is through simple drawings I make as I read or as the Holy Spirit brings images to my mind. For all my drawings I rely on my English Standard Version (ESV) Bible. It is not a study Bible so it does not have commentary. But, it does have 10,000 cross references. I view it as scripture defining scripture. I show my references in the drawing, look them up and see if they are related in your spirit.

Note: Click on the image to see it larger.