Honor Your Father…

Honor your father and your mother… Exodus 20:12

Father’s Day is a big deal in Mexico (as was Mother’s day). Dia de Padre will be celebrated tomorrow, June 16th here in Mexico, same day as the US. Our Marcos 10:14 kids club activities this past week (June 13th) helped the 70 or so children focus not only on their heavenly Father but also on their earthly fathers.

The kids especially enjoyed making the “super hero” craft to give to their dads. It was a candy bar in a cape, with a message from the kids, and a Bible verse (we are not sure how many of the candy bars actually made it home).

The Lord has blessed us with a number of faithful volunteers to help manage the every increasing group of children who come each week. We are only able to keep this ministry going because of your financial support and prayers. THANK YOU and May God receive ALL the GLORY!

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