Helping Nuevo Corazon…Delivering Food to the Elderly

Guest written by our niece, Jeanette.

Yesterday the forecast showed a 70% chance of rain, however we prayed all day that God would grant us a reprieve for our Kids Club fiesta…and He did.  Our fiesta was rain-free and fantastic! (see A Fiesta to Remember! The One Year Anniversary of Marcos 10:14 Kids Club)

Today the heavens let loose and we have seen rain most of the day.  This did not prevent our involvement in a Tuesday tradition here for the ministry…delivering meals to the elderly.  Sandra, of Nuevo Corazon, and a sister from the church started early this morning cooking a healthy meal for the people in need.  Here they make use of what is available. As you can see from the photos, today the cooks used a large bucket to boil the chicken.

A total of 32 meals were carefully wrapped and placed into totes for delivery.  Stephen, Pastor Rey, Lori and I started delivering the meals around the rain drenched town.  Many of the recipients lived on washed-out dirt streets.  One family was huddled into their home, made of little more than cardboard.

One thing is certain; all of the residents who received the meals were extremely grateful for the food and truly happy to see the pastors.  Lori and I received countless hugs and kisses.

Giving is part of being a Christian and giving to those in need for no gain of your own is exactly what Nuevo Corazon is accomplishing here in Galeana.  It is clear that there are many in need and True Path Ministry along with Nuevo Corazon are helping to fill that gap.  I am honored to be a part of the giving.

Until tomorrow “Dios te Bendiga”…May God Bless You.