Healings at Getsemani Church

Getsamini congregation3Lord thank you that you would use a simple person such as I (Tonyia)! I am beyond grateful to be a part of Your Kingdom and Love working for you Jesus! Please keep me humble and obedient to only you Lord! I am a vessel to proclaim your goodness and love – ALL FOR YOUR GLORY!!

We met Pastor Reynaldo several weeks ago at the Lopez ranch. We were there giving our condolences for the loss of a Lopez family member. The pastor invited us to his church, Getsemani (Mexico spelling), here in Galeana.

The Lord opened the door for us to go to his church this morning. The moment I walked in I knew the Holy Spirit was there.

The worship began and soon I received a vision from God. The Lord showed me the Pastor kneeling at the cross. The Lord said that He sees the pastor’s hunger for Jesus and that He will bless his obedience.

We were called to the front soon after the singing and sharing of testimonies. Steve told our story, with the help of Martin our interpreter. He told how the Lord had called us to Mexico even though we do not speak the language, we know few people and we have no family here. He told them they are now our family. Our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Steve finished speaking and then I told Martin my vision to share with the pastor and congregation. I could hardly speak. It was such a move from the Holy Spirit. Martin shared the vision and the pastor received it graciously.

tonyiasign20582016         I then signed the Spanish version of the Revelation Song. It was very Powerful!

After singing for probably another 10 minutes an evangelist from Galeana came up to preach. What an amazing word from Jesus! He preached from Mark 5:21-34. We serve the same Powerful, Healing, God today that healed the woman in this Bible story. And we saw it in action today. Come on Jesus!

During his sermon, he called an older woman forward that had difficulty walking. He prayed for her, the Holy Spirit touched her. She stood up and RAN, yes RAN down the aisle as tears streamed down her face. She was healed!! Woohoo – There is POWER in the name of JESUS!!

The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said there was a woman in the church who had a heart condition that needed healing. I told Martin, our interpreter, we needed to go forward. He said wait the evangelist is praying. I waited and continued to listen to what the Holy Spirit was telling me. I prayed for clarification.

The Holy Spirit then said that the woman did not have a physical illness, but that she believed she had done something that was beyond forgiveness. I told Martin and said we have to go forward. He asked me which woman. I said I don’t know but if we go forward and you tell them what the Holy Spirit is saying she will come forward.


Pastor Reynaldo and his wife.

Pastor Reynaldo and his wife.

We went forward, he told the congregation and within a few seconds a teen age girl came down the aisle. She was crying. I prayed for her. The Holy Spirit said satan is lying to her. Her chain of lies were broken and bound in Jesus name. The Holy Spirit then filled her with the love of Jesus. Her tears of shame turned into tears of joy!

We soon found out, this was the evangelist daughter! The evangelist came to give a blessing from the Lord and in turn his daughter was blessed. You are our healer, Jesus!! Lover of all!!

After the service, with the assistance of Martin’s wife Anna, I went to tell the young lady again that she is free and satan has no hold on her. I told her JESUS LOVES HER VERY MUCH (Cristo te ama mucho mucho!)

We had an appointment with God today and I am so happy we kept it. Who am I that the Lord would use me? I cannot describe how great a blessing it is to be used by the Lord.