Gospel on the Move to San Ildefonso

(Many photos are included) A Christian group from Galeana, NL, Mexico loaded into the True Path Ministry Suburban and the Williams’ Ford Edge and headed north at 8 AM on July 28th 2018. Traveling the way required over an hour drive on an often steep gravel mountain road. It was our first trip to San Ildefonso and the Pastor was happy to see us. So were the forty kids who enjoyed the Bible lesson and gifts. Pastor Rey gave an uplifting message and Lulu lead the music. We took seven big bags of clothes, glasses, soap and shampoo. Most of the good people from the village found something they needed.

Later in the day after returning to Galeana we drove south to the Lopez’s two day Christian Fiesta. We wanted to hear our good friend Evangelist Ramiro give his impassioned sermon to the many people gathered. There were also several bands of different kinds praising Christ. It was a long, intense day, but very fulfilling. Praise God!

Pastor Rey preached an uplifting sermon (click on a photo to see it larger).

Pastor Adan and his wife were happy to see us.

The Galeana kids sang during the service.

A typical home in the village

Tonyia in front of the Pastor’s home.

There was a special lesson for the kids

Tonyia gave prizes to kids who knew their memory verse

Craft time was fun too.

Every child got a gift

There were lots of clothes for men, women and children. And a special bag to put it in.

Lulu lead the music.

Glasses, soap and shampoo were all a hit

They fed us a great meal

Pastor’s house: Each of the doors goes to a bedroom for their four kids.