Good News! Our Savior is Born

The Marcos 10:14 Kids Club learned on October 19th that the birth of Jesus is more than a beautiful Christmas story. In continuation of our series in the Bible the children have learned how mankind has a problem following God and that our disobedience has consequences. Christ’s coming was predicted many years earlier by the prophet Isaiah (see Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6). He is more than just a good man; he came to bring peace between us and God.

There are over forty children who consistently come to the Marcos 10:14 Kids Club each week. In addition to good Bible-based teaching the children enjoy fun games, prayer time, singing, a craft that illustrates the lesson and a light meal.

There are a number of adults who pitch-in to help each week. Some help pick-up many of the kids from around Galeana, NL, Mexico using the True Path Ministry suburban. For some kids this is their first and only experience with Christian teaching. The Club adults create an uplifting atmosphere full of Christ’s love.

If you feel called to support this ministry please pray for us. If you are called to give financially see our support page.

Patty reads from the Bible. (click on a photo to see it larger)

The kids enjoyed a bowling game using Coke bottles.

This game brought a lots of smiles.

Pastor Reynaldo helps each week.


Lulu (left) and Mari work together each week to prepare the meal.

We always pray at club.