Good Fruit and Fruit Loops

I (Stephen) never would have imagined how much of a treat Fruit Loops cereal would be to the children at the Marcos 10:14 kid’s club on February 1st. Our study was about how good seed bears good fruit (from Mark 4:3-20. ) The craft was to make a paper tree using Fruit Loops as the leaves. We also gave them Fruit Loops and milk as a snack. They loved the cereal and kept coming back for more and more. They filled their stomachs in addition to filling their minds with the Bible lesson. It was a good night for the forty kids and twelve adults who were at the weekly club meeting in Galeana, NL, Mexico.

Teacher Patty showed the kids an example for craft time.

(Click on a photo to see it larger)

The kids enjoy the art projects that support the Bible lesson.

There were several adults on hand to help with the glue during the craft time.

Fruit Loops cereal was a big treat for the kids.

There were also some fun games for children.

We also had oranges for the club kids with their seeds representing the “good seed” in the parable.