God’s Plan

We are always amazed how God uses us to work out His plan.

Berenice, pastor from San Francisco, NL, sent out a facebook post requesting a wheelchair for a family she knew. She has gone with us many times to remote villages in Mexico.

I immediately responded and said Steve and I would be happy to get a wheelchair for her.  We were in Texas but would be headed back across the border soon. I knew it would be much easier to get a wheelchair in Texas than in Galeana.

I mentioned the need for a wheelchair to our daughter but soon forgot about it. The lord reminded me the night before we would be heading to Mexico. We were staying at Arlen and Linda’s, Steve’s brother and sister in-law’s house.  Arlen was going to Mexico with us. I asked them if they knew of anyone that might have a wheelchair. Linda began calling her connections but there wasn’t one to be found.

Belinda and Larry had a wheelchair they were excited to donate.

In a last ditch effort I called our friends, Larry and Belinda Bookman, who lived close by and left a message asking if they knew of anyone.

It was getting late and we had to get up early the next morning so I (Tonyia) went to bed. Soon after I went to bed, Steve came in and said that Belinda had called back and she had her mother’s wheelchair in their barn and she would be happy to donate it.

We arrived at Larry and Belinda’s house the next morning before the sun came up and loaded the wheelchair on the trailer.

Once we got to Galeana, I let Berenice know we would be happy to bring the wheelchair to her. The wheelchair only a few repairs which Steve and Arlen did: oiled the moving parts and taped the arms.

In a few days, we went to San Francisco, picked up Berenice and she took us to the couple’s tiny adobe home. The man and his wife looked to be in their 80’s. He was already in a worn-out wheelchair because his legs have been amputated at the hips.  His wife is his primary and only caregiver.

They were very excited to get the new wheelchair and he asked if we would help move him into it. We gladly helped him transfer to his new wheelchair and we all gave hugs and praised God.

THANK you Jesus for allowing us to be a part of your plan!