God’s Love in La Presita

(Guest written by Jeanette, niece of Stephen and Tonyia)

Monday, December 20th, 2021

Today we (Stephen, Tonyia, Jim, Donna, Pastors Rey & LuLu, and about 12 more young members of Iglesia Getsemani) drove 1.5 hours into the high desert of Nuevo Leon to the very remote village of La Presita.  When we arrived, we were surrounded by herds of goats, cows, horses, and donkeys.  As the name connotes, the village is named for the small earthen dam that creates the village water supply.  In fact, the shepherds were bringing their herds down to water just after we arrived.

This entire area has been in a state of drought until yesterday when we were blessed with a good, soaking rain that helped to settle the dust and fill the watering holes.  The church in La Presita is well built and modern by comparison to Hidiondilla’s church.  The seats in the church were out of an old theatre of some sort, but were padded and very comfortable. 

We were greeted by the young pastor there named Eli and his wife.  Eli inherited his congregation from his late father and is working on growing his church.  As we waited for the congregation to arrive, the youth from Iglesia Getsemani went into the village and went door-to-door to let everyone know we had arrived. 

Shortly after, adults and children began arriving and joining into the bouncy praise songs that Pastor LuLu was singing.  After several songs, the children were allowed to go into Pastor Eli’s house and have children’s church.  Today the teacher, Ana, started by singing songs and then asking the children the question, “What is Christmas about?”  A young girl (about 6 years old) quickly raised her hand and said, “It’s about the birth of Jesus Christ.”  Such a simple answer that didn’t include gifts or Santa Claus! Ana then proceeded to tell them the story of the birth of Christ and have them memorize Luke 2:11.

While the children were in their church service, the adults were listening to Evangelist Ramiro talk about Isaiah 52:7, 10, and Isaiah 59:16.  Reminding us to seek God first and to lay up your treasures in heaven for your reward is great.  The work you do for the Lord here on earth adds to your reward in heaven.  Don’t just think for the moment, think about eternity.

Once church services were complete, we handed out gift boxes to the children.  They were overjoyed with the contents!  Simple things like bubbles and jump ropes are so very special to them.

Donna and Jim gave out additional gifts they brought from their bible study.  These were hand-made sock hats.  Everyone, including the tiny babies got a hat!  We also handed out donated blankets. All the adults and children made certain that they thanked us for all the gifts.  They were truly grateful.

Before departure, Pastor Eli and his family fed us wonderful chicken tacos.  Then we started the slow drive home over the very rough dirt road.  God granted us another wonderful day here!

Tomorrow we will journey many hours into the mountains to Refugio (one of my favorite places to visit here).  Thank you all again for all your donations to this ministry.  Until tomorrow, Dios de Bendiga…God Bless You.

How beautiful upon the mountains, are the feet of him who brings good news,
who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things,who proclaims salvation,
who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7 (NKJV)

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