Easter Services at Mexican Mountain Village Canoas

(There are many photos too.) A group of Christians traveled two hours on Saturday, March 31 in the True Path Ministry suburban from Galeana, NL, Mexico to the tiny mountain village of Canoas to share an Easter service. “It was so awesome to see how grateful these people were to  share this time with us,” said Arlen Williams, who was visiting from Texas.

The worship service was Bible-based and Christ-centered. Evangelist Ramiro brought a great message and Lulu, with her acoustic guitar, brought the music. Pastor Berenice, from a village near Galeana, taught the children during a special time. The kids especially enjoyed making a donkey out of a paper sack. It represented the animal that Jesus rode into Jerusalem. We also gave each child a small gift and some stuffed animals after they told us what they learned.

They were very welcoming.

After the services we shared donated clothing, reading glasses, tooth brushes and soap. The pastor and another Christian invited us to their homes and fed us a simple meal of beans and potatoes.

It was a worderful day serving Christ in these beautiful mountains with happy and grateful people.

The group who traveled from Galeana to Canoas (click on a photo to see it larger)

We always start with prayer.

The clothes are loaded on top of the ministry suburban.

It is a long, rough road, but beautiful.

We travel through various natural environments.

There was a soccer game going beside the one room school when we arrived.

The children were the first to arrive.

Local pastor started the service with a prayer and a Psalm.

Lulu play the music on her acoustic guitar – there is no electricity in the church.

Pastor Berenice from San Francisco, NL, has a beautiful voice.

Evangelist Ramiro delivered a powerful sermon.

Pastor Berenice lead the children’s time outside during the adult service.

The kids made a donkey out of a paper sack.

Arlen helped with the art project.

The gifts for the kids included a Christian tract.

Pastor Reynaldo help people select reading glasses, soap and tooth brushes.


We gave out donated clothing.







The people were very grateful.

We had a meal at the pastor’s home.

It was a great day in Canoas.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into our trips to remote villages.