Dinner Party with Pastor Jose and Family

joseinne3Tonyia, Stephen, Martin, Anna, and Genesis hosted a Wednesday night dinner party at Casa Cristana El Alfarero (the ministry house). Pastor Jose, wife Pera and four children joined us at the table for USA style hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries. We also had a special dessert – homemade ice-cream and cup cakes. They seemed to enjoy the meal.

They live and serve the Lord  in Dieciocho De Marzo, a small community about ten miles northwest of Galeana. We discovered Pastor Jose does not have the internet and he would like to use it in the future for research. He was happy to see the little bit of Christian research material we have gathered at  the ministry house. In addition to more research information and material he needs youth and children’s Christian teaching resources.

I (Stephen) told him about some of the news about global Christian persecution and disturbing developments in the USA. I also mentioned positive advancements for Christ in the world such as Jesus coming to many in the Muslim world in dreams. We discussed the need for better communications within the local Christian community. The idea of a Christian newspaper also came up.

It was a fun evening for all of us. It helps us to build relationships, understand the local community better and the pastors come to know more about our mission.