Church Wiring in Canoas

For the first time ever power lines were recently extended to Canoas, a tiny mountain Mexican village. When we were holding services there at the Christian church recently (see Easter Service at Mexican Mountain Village Canoas), we made a material list of what was needed to get electricity in the church building. A few days later True Path Ministry set out to install the needed wiring with a small team that included Arlen, who was visiting from Texas, Evangelist Ramiro, Stephen and local pastor Alfredo.

When we first arrived many of the children from the village came to greet us. They were curious about what we were going to do there. We also had a couple of men leave their sheep herds to check out our work. They liked seeing Arlen’s battery powered tools and were especially interested in seeing how we connected the plugs and switches. CFE, the electric utility in Mexico, still has to run a service wire to the building, but it is wired and ready to receive electricity.

The pastor’s family also fed us a simple meal of tortillas, beans and rice – their tortillas are wonderful. They use the corn they raise, hand grind it and cook it over a small wood fueled stove. It was a fun day serving the Lord and installing the wire, boxes, conduit and fixtures needed. We have been to the village many times and they are always welcoming – they are our family in Christ.

Ramiro (left), Arlen, and local pastor Alfredo were the wiring team (click on a photo to see it closer).

Stephen was also part of the wiring team.

Their homemade corn tortillas were very good.

They were proud to show us their new corn grinder.

Their wood fueled cook stove is typical of those used in many mountain villages.

The people of the village live off the land raising corn, sheep and goats.

Farming small fields and raising livestock is how most folks make their living in Canoas.