Church Update: Windows

Ten new large windows for the Getsemani Church arrived Monday, February 25th and nine were installed on February 26th. Pastors Reynaldo and Lulu and the congregation are so grateful to the Lord, but also to those who responded to his Spirit with donations.

The remaining eight small windows are set to arrive Monday and the large front door later next week. We expect they will be installed next week too.

These windows are locally made and there are several places in Galeana that make them. We are using a shop that is fairly new and the owner is young, but they gave us a good price and excellent quality.

In addition to the windows, work is proceeding to fill in the gap that was between the roof and the top of the walls. That should be finished tomorrow.

Tonyia and I can feel the excitement from the congregation as they see continued progress in their new place of worship. Thank you everyone who prays for us and support us in other ways. We are humbled to be a tool to further God’s kingdom here. Praise Jesus.

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