Boxes Packed and Unpacked with Love of Jesus

It is the New Year, 2020, and the first True Path Ministry Marcos 10:14 Kids Club meeting of the year was tonight. The kids had tons of fun singing, watching the clowns, learning about Jesus, enjoying a special meal and most of all getting gift boxes packed with love and care in Texas. But it was very different for me, all the years before I just packed gift boxes for other countries and now I actually get to help deliver them.

There’s something special about packing a box.  There’s a special feeling before sending it off to another country.  But being the one who carries the gift into that country, and brings it to the final destination, is even more rewarding.

I have packed boxes before. It’s a good feeling. Seeing all the gifts a child will receive, watching toys pass through my hands, and knowing that I helped in some way gives me much joy.

This new year I have discovered a new joy.  The past few days I experienced riding for hours to secluded villages to meet with fellow Christians. It is so enriching.  Worshipping in another language opened my eyes to new ways to praise and draw closer to God.  Hearing the stories of others and how God is working in their lives makes me realize just how powerful He is.

After all of this, delivering the gifts to others becomes the icing on the cake.  My favorite part of each day is watching excited children play with what you brought them. Tonight at club I once again got to witness the joy of watching excited kids open their gifts. The Lord is good.

Guest written by Zachary Lyman

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