Blessings for Pastor Berenice

Pastor Berenice was called to serve the Lord in the tiny village of San Francisco, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. She is a young, single lady who moved into a room attached to a very old rock church building. There was no kitchen, no shower, very poor wiring and make shift plumbing. True Path Ministry (TPM) was able to change all that and more.

Berenice is pastor to her church and is an especially gifted children’s teacher. TPM has had the privilege of working with her at several remote village services we hosted. Plus, Pastor Reynaldo has had her instruct the teachers at his church on the subject of how to teach children about Jesus. She is a dedicated servant of Christ who is “all in” for the Kingdom. It was TPM’s pleasure to assist in making her life a bit easier.

“This was a big project for us that began in November (see New Bano for Berenice). It is good too see it completed,” said Stephen.

TPM upgraded the electrical wiring (click on a photo to see it larger).

Pastor Reynaldo (left) and his nephew Osvaldo helped with wiring and plumbing.

Salatiel (right) is a local craftsman who built the bathroom including this new septic system.

The new bathroom is in a private courtyard just outside her back door.

New metal door for bathroom.

Pastor Rey and nephew working on  the plumbing.

There was no way to turn off the water while Osvaldo replaced the supply line.

A new kitchen sink was part of the project.

TPM had a local furniture maker, Lupe, build this chest of drawers to improve storage in her living quarters.

A small sound system (and the toilet) was donated by TPM’s niece Jeanette.

New shower area.

Tonyia and Pastor Reynaldo check out the new shower.