Blessings for Benedita


We gave Benedita a pair of reading glasses (click on a photo to see it larger).

We help deliver meals to Benedita  every Tuesday. She lives alone in a tiny one room adobe shack. We felt the Lord was prodding us to bring her a few things to make her life a little better. The True Path Ministry team (Tonyia, Martin and Stephen) recently visited her to give her several items she needed. We gave her a “prayer shawl” that was made with love by folks at the Christ Chapel Church in Bandera, Texas. In addition, we gave her a bag of clothing which Tonyia carefully selected for her from a large collection of donated items and a pair of reading glasses. We also gave her a “blessing bag” which included; rice, beans, coffee, sugar, tortillas, oil, milk and toilet paper. She was so thankful we had remembered her.

Some of you who have been following our work may recall several weeks ago Benedita showed us an injury on her leg she sustained from a fall. Tonyia, my wife, is a nurse and she was concerned how it looked. So for several days Tonyia treated the wound until it was fully healed (see a Divine Appointment posted on August 11th).

If you would like to contribute financially visit our “support” page on this website. Also, we want to thank those who pray for us faithfully as this too keeps us going. Its all for Jesus!

This elderly lady lives alone in a tiny one room adobe house.

She lives alone in a tiny one room adobe house.