Birthday Fiesta at Marcos 10:14 Club

We always have a great time at club, but on April 5 it was extra special. The kids learned about Jesus riding the donkey into Jerusalem and His death burial and resurrection. We also had a birthday Fiesta for several kids.

The craft was a paper donkey. The kids were told in their Bible story time how warriors usually rode in on horses with weapons but Jesus rode in on a young donkey, this symbolized peace.

Patty, the teacher, had the children collect colored objects.  The black object represented sin, the red represented Jesus blood and the white represented our sin being removed by Jesus death. Being an active part in collecting these items really made an impact. They listened intently as Patty told them the story of Jesus death, burial and resurrection.

We had the honor of celebrating the kids who had birthdays in January, February and March. The entire kids at the Marcos 10:14 club were treated with a piñata and cupcakes. This was a great treat because many of these children will never celebrate their birthdays in any other way.

It gives us such joy to see the smiles and hear the laughter of these kids.  Thank you Jesus for these children and allowing us the opportunity to love on them and teach them about you!

The lesson was on Jesus’ death burial and resurrection (click on a photo to see it larger)

The games are always fun.

One game challenged the kids not to smile while the other kids did funny things.

Making a donkey from a paper sack was the art project.

We also honored the kids who had a birthday during January, February or March.

Locally baked cup cakes was a special treat for the kids.