Behind the Scenes: True Path Ministry Christmas Gift Boxes Tour

Visitors from Texas came to help True Path Ministry (TPM) with its Mexico Christmas Gift Box giving adventure from December 26, 2019 through January 4, 2020. Eleven Christians from various Churches and cites in Texas, joined the Mexico-based group, to become a close team with a common goal, to share the love of Jesus with the people of rural Mexico (especially the children).

TPM has been giving out gifts each year in Mexico for a number of years. We give in areas where other similar programs do not reach, usually small, rural, remote and economically poor villages. “This year stands out because of the team who gave up their holiday time at home in Texas and Mexico to come together and help,” said Tonyia.

A tremendous amount of work went into the gathering of presents, transportation, final packaging, and delivery of the gifts. We are a small ministry with limited resources, but the Lord has provided what we needed for this season.

  • Texas visitors: James, Jeanette, Lori, Faith, Zach, Robert, Jim, Donna, Jenny, Arturo, Steve.
  • Mexico team: Reynaldo, Lulu, Mariia, Daniel, Ramiro, Jose (and wife), Ruben, Ruben’s son Rene and TPM Missionaries Stephen and Tonyia.

Here are a few of the special moments that stood out:

  • Pastor Ruben, age 87, went with us to Bueno Vista. There he saw the family that he had prayed with to receive Jesus over 40 years ago. He had been a pastor in this tiny, remote mountain village. Several generations later they are still following the Lord. He was all smiles as he came face-to-face with his lasting legacy. It was his first return visit to the village in decades.
  • Jenny from Medina, Texas who attends church in Kerrville donated her child’s coat. It went into a huge group of other clothing that was piled on a tarp to be donated. She noticed a young girl close by who picked up her donated coat and witnessed the joy it brought. She met the girl and shared a special moment of Jesus’ love with her.
  • Donna from Medina, Texas United Methodist Church had made and donated a hand-made blanket. It was placed together with many others. In Palmito she took on the challenge of handing out blankets to each family. She was able to personally give her own carefully prepared blanket to a mom of a family there in the cold, high mountains of Mexico.
  • Stephen & Tonyia were asked to pray for Pastor Israel who drives over six hours each week to serve the needs of the people in Bueno Vista. He was in tears as he praised the Lord for answering his prayers to bring blessings to the extremely remote village. No missionary group had been up that mountain for many, many years – if ever.
  • Rene, spoke at one of our services about the importance of what we were doing. He is in his 60’s and as a young boy had been on the receiving end of missionaries who gave him a gift. It left an impression from the love of Jesus that lasted a life time.
  • Robert, and his teen age son Zach, were especially drawn to the children and helped with kid’s time at every opportunity. “I loved seeing the kids go from stand offish and a bit afraid at first, to fully engaged with broad smiles by the end of our interaction,” said Robert.
  • Faith, who is a young adult, was struck by how much we Americans take for granted. How all our stuff does not make us any happier than the Mexicans she met who have nearly nothing in comparison. “I will never look at the excess I see in our lives in the USA the same way. This experience has changed me.”
  • James was struck by the sparse living conditions of the homes in mountains. He noticed the unheated houses, lack of running water and basic outhouses that are the standard.
  • Jeanette and Lori who have come to help for the last few years. Their experience on how all this functions and how to make it all come together were invaluable. Lori had a very serious automobile accident earlier in the year (she had over twenty broken bones) and it is one of God’s miracles that she was able to join us with all her youthful strength. She was able to share her testimony in Bueno Vista of her healing.

Finally, I want to thank our Lord and savior Jesus the Christ. It is in His name and for His glory we do what we do. It is my prayer that as folks reflect on this adventure that they ask themselves “what kind of love drives Christian followers to give so much of themselves to those around them? Can this Jesus change me to do the same for my neighbor?” He can and he will change you into the person he designed you to be.

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