Beginning the Year with Blessings in Refugio

Guest written by: Jeanette and Lori Lewis

Today we traveled to the remote mountain village of Refugio, with a population of 73.  Lori and I have been here twice before and we could not ask for a better welcome.  The people here are warm and genuine, and were truly happy to spend the first day of 2019 worshipping with us.

Upon arrival, the local Pastor, Seldonia, and his wife ushered us into their wooden home to a wonderful lunch of chicken, beans, and rice.  Church services were then held under the cedar thatch roof, with a car battery powering the speakers and microphones.  Evangelist Ramiro preached a moving sermon about how all things in life are a gift from God.

The children enjoyed a separate church service about the birth of Christ, complete with a worksheet and crafts.  Afterwards, the children nearly exploded with excitement to receive their donated boxes filled with Christmas gifts.  We gave out close to 50 gift boxes!

The women of the group went through donated clothing to provide their family what they needed for the coming winter months.  Afterwards, Pastor Rey and his wife, LuLu, handed out donated blankets to each family.  The blankets were a huge hit.  It gets extremely cold at night in the mountains surrounding Refugio and all the families were so grateful to receive them.

I know that the families of Refugio received the blessings of worship, friendship, and warmth…but the number of blessings that they bestowed upon us with the smiles of the children and the repeated, “Thank You” from the adults filled our hearts as well. There were blessings all around for the New Year…and I hope you have a blessed New Year too.

Entire families spent the first day of the New Year 2019 with us (click on a photo to see it larger)

The church service was under a brush ceiling

The kids enjoyed their own service outside

We were all together to sing praises to the Lord

Lulu sang a beautiful, spirit-filled song

Pastor Reynaldo also spoke

Pastor Seldonia welcomed us warmly

Ramiro delivered a powerful sermon

Pastor Charo encouraged us all to praise Christ

The kids were grateful for the gifts (click on a photo to see it larger)

The Pastors received blessing bags

The blankets were especially well received

Many of the people walked miles to attend the service

They cook on a simple wood stove

They fed us before the service and others after

The clothing we brought for them went fast

A special gift for us

Jeanette tries out their homemade broom.

The only electricity was from a small solar panel system

We transported the gifts and other items in heavy boxes.



The road was challenging but beautiful

Lori and Jeanette from Texas enjoyed the scenery