Backpacks in Refugio

Today, December 27th, True Path Ministry along with a group of Christians from Iglesia Getsemani (Galeana, NL), Medina Community Church, and first time visitors Will and Debbie Loveless, made our way high up into the mountains to visit the tiny settlement of Refugio.  We were greeted by Pastor Seldonia and his wife, Elsa, who served us a wonderful lunch of homemade tamales, rice, soup, and tortillas. 

After lunch, we began our worship services with songs and prayer.  Evangelist Ramiro accompanied us as well and gave a wonderful sermon on Isaiah 40:31. During the adult worship services, the children were treated to their own service with songs, the story of Jesus’s birth, and a craft.  First time visitor Debbie especially enjoyed helping the children glue their craft together and the children appreciated her help!

Next we began handing out backpacks full of school supplies and a toy.  All the packs held paper, pencils, pencil sharpener, colored pencils, crayons, pencil pouch, and a toy.  The boys received a full size soccer ball, and the girls received a craft kit for making their own bracelets and jewelry.  The kids absolutely loved the backpacks and the toys!  

The kids and adults all walk or rode donkeys to the church services in Refugio, so the backpacks were very handy for the trip back home!  One of the mothers even commented that now the family could use the backpack to carry their bibles when they come back to services. 

 Tomorrow we head back into the mountains to the village of Purisima to continue spreading God’s light and love. Until tomorrow, Dios te bendiga (God Bless You).