Amazing Worship in Aguablanca Mexico

January 17, 2016

What an amazing day to fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We made a trip to Aguablanca to visit Sister Joventina’s in-laws and family. Sister Joventina lost her husband about 2 years ago and now is a widow raising her 10 year old daughter.

joventinadaughterShe has such a beautiful spirit and loves the Lord with all her heart! She blessed us with a meal last night of home made flour tortillas, beans and eggs. It was delicious! We are so grateful to know such an amazing woman of God.

The trip was about 40 miles and it took us 1 hour. The road is not quite as bad as going to Refugio but it still is dirt and mountainous. I took a video with my phone but we are unable to pull it up – Next time 🙁

The road starts out paved but has many pot holes. You then turn off onto a gravel mountainous road. As we are driving down the gravel road, we met a couple walking. Sister Joventina asked us to stop and pick them up because they are some of her husband’s family.

aguablancaIt was 50 degrees outside and from the time we picked them up we drove on another 12 minutes before reaching the house. So I can’t imagine how long it would take walking. They do not have a vehicle so if they need to go to town, they walk to the main road to catch a bus or sometimes a friend will come by and pick them up.

We go to bless but we are the ones that are blessed! The hunger for the Lord is evident in this family and worship was tremendous! We praised Jesus by singing, giving thanks and Jesse preached from the Bible. We also had a time of prayer. We prayed for the family and the Holy Spirit was very present!

babywalkerWe took food and the walker that Kim Sursa donated to Sister Aurelia and baby (Nino) Johnathan. She was very grateful!

Jesse anointed Chuy and Karen with oil as we prayed for them to be covered by the blood of Jesus in their endeavors as missionaries.

For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them. Matthew 18:20

THANK YOU Jesus that we can worship you wherever we are! WE Love you Jesus and we are humbled by your mercy and grace!!

Please be in prayer for the following needs: Large Print Spanish Bibles, Knitting thread for Sister Joventina – she uses all means she can to make money (she also sales tamales that are wonderful!), Sewing machine also for Sister Joventina, Guitar for Chuy – He is trying to learn so he can use at home meetings, tent revivals or wherever Jesus sends him.

Steve and I will be moving here within the next 2 weeks and we will need workers to come and help with the ministry house. We will be making an inventory of the items needed and we will put that out soon.



Granny with Baby

Granny Julia and Johnathan.